Voice Typing comes to Google Docs

Thank you Alice Keeler Teacher Tech



What if?

What if there was no standardised testing? As humans, we have two arms and two legs, making us look similar, but that does not mean we can all to the same things. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Lets build on our students strengths.



‘Thinking outside the box!’ A phrase we use and hear often

After reading posts on the EDFD460 forum, the phrase ‘Thinking outside the box’ started taking on a new meaning………..thank you Adam and other EDFD460ers for the discussion that planted a seed of thought.

To think outside the box means that we are placing things in a box, limiting and containing them to the walls of that box. The creative and imaginative thought processes that we want to embrace in our students can not happen while we are confining subjects to boxes. Therefore, there are no boxes. Subjects are not defined by boundaries. The creative and imaginative approaches students take to their subjects are limitless. All students can be creative and imaginative, it is not limited to a select few or elite.

Thinking outside the box