The educational capital of refugees and how this can inform the development of virtual reality as a learning space.

Refugees bring with them resilience, determination and a desire to regain their identity as a human being.

Many of the Syrian refugees were typical middle class people with good lives and jobs. The refugees want to experience some normality. They know what they had and what they lost. The journey from happy life to resettling and gaining their identity is long, heartbreaking and arduous. Their experiences along this journey are building strong, resilient human beings. For those lucky enough to have the opportunity to resettle, they are going to embrace it. To use their resilience and mental and physical strength to build new lives for   themselves and their families.

Google cardboard can play a role in this process. Refugees can build their identities and new lives through the use of google cardboard. Understanding and experiencing through virtual reality what opportunities are open to them here. They in turn can help develop new apps to help future refugees coming to the country. Offering suggestions on what helped them and showing others through the use of the device, what they can make of their lives.


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