Educational Facilities for my Learning Space

The educational facilities of the future learning space, ‘Google Cardboard’, are flexibility, affordability, portability, individual, virtual reality and inclusiveness.

Google cardboard being flexible:

The ability to provide a virtual experience to cater for the interests of individual students means that they can connect with the Australian way of life through an interest of their own. If students can make some connection to their new country, they will be more likely to assimilate.

Google cardboard being affordable:

Being affordable at around $15 each, means schools have the means to be able to purchase the device. The low costs also means that the replacement of devices is not a major ongoing cost.

Google cardboard being portable:

The portability of the device allows students to take them anywhere. They do not need to have wireless internet connection.

Google cardboard being individual:

Each child gets their own device to view. It is not a device that can be shared. The experience becomes their own.

Google cardboard being Virtual Reality:

The apps with the device provides a virtual reality experience. So when the experience can not be undertaken first hand, the google cardboard can be used to simulate the experience for the student.

Google cardboard being Inclusive:

Sometimes students can feel on the outer or in the case of refugees, totally isolated from their peers when it comes to experiences or lack of them. Giving refugees or any student the opportunity to have a virtual experience, that would otherwise be impossible, helps to build connections and interests and an inclusive environment.

Many apps are already available and many more are being developed. With a well thought out plan on the use of google cardboard, educators can approach google for apps that they would like to use or you can develop apps for the device, using a jump camera rig.

The Jump camera rig
The Jump camera rig

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