Two days in the ‘new’ classroom

I had the opportunity to teach in 4/5 for two days. To teach in a flexible classroom, where the structure that I was use to……..every student sitting at a desk, was no longer there. Students chose where they worked. Some chose to sit at a desk, some lying on the floor and some standing at a bench.

Wow, I loved it!. This environment felt extremely comfortable to me. The freedom seemed to fit the cohort of students in this class…….75% boys. A number of these boys in the past, were constantly being told to ‘sit down…… stay in your seat’. As a teacher you felt that you were constantly ‘at’ these kids. This was not an issue over the last two days, they were able to move……..lie down, sit up etc.

I will be spending three weeks on this class next term, and I am feeling very excited about the prospect!

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