Technology in the Classroom

Smartboards, ipads, and computers are all devices you’ll find in any classroom today. Students are very competent when it comes to navigating their way around the technology, with many of them possessing some type of personal device at home. Smartboards in the classroom mean that teachers can connect to interactive activities from the internet  for the whole class to see and interact with.

Ipads have allowed for greater student mobility, where previously, computer labs or stations were static. Students can move more freely around the classroom and school with devices that not only connect to the internet, but also offer  multi-functions.

Do these bright, engaging game like activities mean that students are receiving quality learning experiences and that technologically savvy teachers are providing students with the necessary skills of creative and critical thinking, and promoting collaboration and communication?  No! This technology engaging our students is merely another tool…….a good one, but another tool.

The use of programs such as Studyladder and Literacy Planet allow teachers to assign activities and keep track of students progress. These programs provide drill and practice type activities. Google offers programs/apps such as google classroom and google docs, both of which allow interaction between students and teachers and students and students.

Incorporated as a tool in a quality teaching and learning program, these programs/apps provide another platform for students to engage, interact and consolidate their learning. Teachers need to use these tools with careful consideration as to the function of the technology within their teaching and learning experiences and consider the benefits the students will get from using this technology within the context of the learning.


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