The Learning Space

Web 2.0, PLN and Blog………What!!…….. Just as I come to terms with this foreign platform for learning, I feel my journey has taken me to a foreign country? Not as bad as I first thought though!……… A little bit of research, and I am ‘blogging’, creating my own PLN, while using web 2.0.

What do they mean?

Web 2.0 – is a second generation in the development of the world wide web ( It is more than the static sites that we were first introduced to as part of the world wide web, the read only sites providing information that restricted interaction between users. Web 2.0 has developed the web into a multimodal platform that allows users to publish, share, collaborate, store and update content.

PLN – An acronym for Personal Learning Network. Although it is not a new practice, the way in which we create our personal learning networks has changed. With web 2.0, networks are created through the online platform. Educators can share, learn, and interact with others from anywhere around the world.

Blog –  It can be a diary or journal or used as online journalism. Blogging, which is the act of writing a post for a blog, means ideas, articles and websites can be shared with others with similar interests. Blogs allow virtual interaction between users.   images (10)

Back to my journey!…….

The online learning space poses challenges not only for the participants, but e-moderators as well. After reading the article ‘The key to teaching and learning online’ written by Gilly Salmon, I felt it mirrored my own online learning experience. Being in a foreign ‘learning space’ means that you tread with caution. You familiarise yourself with the platform and sit back and watch, also known as ‘stalking’. Once you feel comfortable, you start to interact with others. This is very important to keep motivation. The interaction becomes support and encouragement which in turn develop virtual relationships between participants. This interaction is carefully facilitated by the e-moderators, ensuring that all participants are supported and scaffolded where needed, while encouraging positive and collaborative interactions between participants.

As a result of this online learning experience, my initial fears have been put to rest and not only have I enjoyed the journey so far, but I have realised that it was necessary. I feel far more confident to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new ideas and think ’21st Century’.


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